Home decors from Coron, Palawan

Coron, Palawan is popular for its dive sites and coral reefs, but little is said much about the handicrafts the Palawan folk produce. When my husband and I visited the island last June, I made sure to take home a souvenir from this shop we saw right in front of the SEAIR office.

Home decors from Coron, Palawan

Like most souvenirs you’ll see from the different provinces of the Philippines, Coron offers shell chandeliers, refrigerator magnets, wallets, wall decors, and the like. However, unlike those that you see in Boracay, most of those handicrafts found in Palawan were actually made in Palawan and not imported from a different province. Read more ›

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My husband and I travel frequently. We don’t go out of the country often (hehe it’s expensive!), but we do get around the Philippines quite a bit. We’re still a long way to go experiencing many islands of the Philippine archipelago, but we’ve seen enough to be proud of living in such a beautiful tropical country.

Filipino Artisans

Aside from scenic views and breath-taking nature, our travels have also given us a glimpse of the province’s art and culture. The creativity of the Filipino people is truly commendable—it’s no wonder that some provinces are major exporters of handicrafts.

Hopefully, this blog will give you a glimpse of the Philippines’ creative artisans—their art, culture, and province.